Fishing my local: A day on the River Darent

June 4th 2020: My birthday and my first fishing trip for 2020.

I took a chance back in March this year – what a long time that feels like now – a bid for a days fishing on my local river the Darent from the Wild Trout Trust (WTT) auction.

I won. But I had to wait patiently until the lockdown was partially lifted and fishing was once again allowed. Fortunately, that coincided with my birthday, so I was able to arrange a my first days fishing of the season with my birthday.

I’ve fished a bit of the Darent before – also won on a WTT auction – as part of the Kingfisher clubs water. I blogged about that day too.

But this felt like the first time I was really going to be able to get out onto the river and spend a day on it.

The Viaduct across the Darent valley

The conditions were pretty good on the day. The temperature had dropped from the unseasonably warm weather we’d been having, and there was some cloud cover.

The hope was we might even get a bit of a mayfly hatch. So we fished from lunch through to late evening.

However, there wasn’t much of a hatch, and the fish weren’t really rising. So we quickly moved onto nymphs and fished the majority of the day subsurface.

Our day started at the Lullingstone Villa stretch of river, beneath the beautiful viaduct at Eynsford.

We then moved to a stretch running through a lavender farm. We fished the day out here, each landing a a couple of fish each as we maintained social distancing in the river!

It was an absolutely fantastic day. In addition to the trout we caught, we also got a chub and a few dace!

I’ve obviously put my name down on the waiting list. It’ll be somewhere around 10 years before I get a call to say I can formally join!

Below are a few more pics from the day.

A lovely stocked Brown Trout
The river winding its way towards Lullingstone Roman Villa
A Chub – Not the target species!
My final fish of the day. An evening caught Brownie on a nymph.

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